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Technical Training / Column Regeneration

IChrom believe in innovative work in Chromatography areas and to make our client happy and productive to run their scientific lab without any stress . As we know the column chemistry is always challenges to scientist and lab chemist to produce results as per validated procedure, but sometime column performance become a major obstacle to imitate lab results .IChrom has special solutions to this by regenerating your column to give most extreme use, IChrom has specialized scientist who are working with this novel activity by treating Column with varies solvents and derivatization agent to contrast the performance back for old columns . We are specialized to improve Column performance to certain extent, and we believe the care and special attention is required to specific degree, and we accept the consideration and unique consideration is needed to recover this again required time/endeavors.


Developing and Creating >2000 enthusiasts from Universities /Colleagues for Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries.


Pharmaceutical Talent development and Technical skill Enhancement in the area of Analytical Science to create new paradigm which help industry and academics for integration the Quality of Education and Talent.

Our Clients

Universal Group of Institutions
Chandigarh University
Chitkara University
SLIET Longowal
Shoolini University
Panjab University Chandigarh
MMU Mullana
Haryana Leather Chemical Ltd.

Regenerate your column

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Specialized to recover your column Chemistry for

  • RP- packings are C18, C8, C4, C1, C30, CN
  • Phenyl stationary phases
  • NP-packings are Silica, Diol, Nitro and Amino stationary phases
  • Ion exchange packings are Anion
  • Cation exchangers (WCX, SCX, WAX and SAX).


  • Analytical Development
  • Method Validation
  • Method transfer
  • Column Regeneration
  • 5s implementation /Lean Lab
  • Opex/Capex –Reduction
  • 4 Mocks –USFDA/MHRA
  • RA for Critical events


  • Soft Skills
  • Best Audits
  • Regulatory awareness
  • On Chromatography
  • Quality Principles
  • Predictive Quality Culture
  • Standard Improvements
  • Good Lab Practices
  • DI

You want to reach out at IChrom, here are the contact details.

  • Chandigarh Citi Centre, Zirakpur 140603, Punjab
  • +91-90418-89759