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IChrom Labs providing scientific and talent development services to every student, who want to explore the world of science in pharmaceutical and other chemical industries in India as well as abroad. Our talented team network and state of art curriculum will make anyone a talented in their respective career. We are committed to educating and nurturing all students so they grow as responsible chemist and Entrepreneur.

Our specialization includes the optimization of current methods for various pharma and chemical industries as well as the education sector. Along with performing typical chromatographic analyses, we also offer chemistry courses from high school to Ph.D. level. Our team provides Ph.D. thesis evaluation services, technical writing, and free counseling for study abroad.

The Staff is comprised of various scholars and industrialist in the field of chemistry and biology.  The Staff is fully equipped with all variety of advanced techniques which could be useful during the mentoring sessions. We provide free career counseling and detailed information regarding study abroad.

IChrom offers a variety of HPLC training courses for beginner, intermediate, advanced chromato-graphers. All the courses are offered along with their practical protocols and special industrial training sessions. During these sessions, students will be exposed to the real-time monitoring of drug samples in the industry. We have a special team for all branches of Chemistry courses from the level of high school to Ph.D. courses.

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